I am an eternal journalist of the intangible.
My Fine Art work captures a state of the being rather than a deliberated projection of the mind.
I materialize perception creating a direct relation between the consciousness and the medium, using light to imprint a pure expression of the self. With no intellectual interference, the mind becomes the intended tool instead the master.
I believe in the process of rebirth of humanity and I have the innate conviction that it is through art and philosophy that we can achieve liberation.
The goal of my artwork is to transcend the limits of thought to create a fictional dimension more accurate to reality than the environment where is created, transforming the different interpretations of what we see into one personal vision that we all inevitable feel, focusing in what makes us equal to go beyond the illusion of separation, so we can reconnect with nature, both internal and ecological, remember our place on earth and reclaim our right to live in peace doing what we love.
Born in Barcelona and with a background in fashion design (FA IDEP, Barcelona) and communication (Central Saint Martins, London), she has developed on her own unique style transmuting editorial and documentary photography into Fine Art.
For the past 15 years she has been traveling the world working for clients across Europe, USA, Asia and the Middle East.
She is the first women commissioned by thai authorities to document the national sport of Thailand (Muay Thai).
Her fine art images have been exhibited and published as books and magazines covers, reportages and advertisings all over the world.
Her Fine Art Photography explores the paradigms within modern cultures and the many ways we spend our lifetime seeking to fulfill the craving of meaning and beauty in today's society, using the camera as a tool to capture what escapes to human eye.

2022 - Group Exhibition, Bethlehem, Palestine.
2021 - Group Exhibition, BIAF, Maritime Museum of Barcelona, Barcelona.
2020 - Group Exhibition, Gaia II, A Coruña.
2020 - Group Exhibition, The Silent Leaders, Beit Beirut Museum, Lebanon.
2019 - Group Exhibition, Nawaday Tharlar Gallery, Yangon (Found-raising for ONG Nivata)
2019 - Solo Exhibition, Nawaday Tharlar Gallery, Yangon (Myanmar).
2019 - Group Exhibition, Caldes de Montbui Casino, Barcelona.
2019 - Group Exhibition, Spazo Gallery, A Coruña.
2018 - Group Exhibition, Sala Rivas Briones, Pontevedra.
2017 - Solo Exhibition, Flu-or Studio, A Coruña.
2017 - Group Exhibition, Cultural Center Marcos Valcarcel, Ourense.
2017 - Group Exhibition, Pazo de Sabadelle, Lugo.
2017 - Solo Exhibition, Almacén, A Coruña.
2017 - Group Exhibition, Fundación Torrente Ballester, Santiago de Compostela (Found-raising for ONG Artiaga).
2017 - Solo Exhibition, Monty Ambigu, A Coruña.
2016 - Group Exhibition, Maritime Museum of Barcelona, Barcelona.
2016 - Solo Exhibition, Pecofacet Corporation, Arteixo.
2016 - Solo Exhibition, Arcosmedic Clinic, Barcelona (Found-raising for ONG Cultivant Vida).
2016 - Group Exhibition, La Farinera Museum, Figueres.
2016 - Solo Exhibition, Club del Mar San Amaro, A Coruña.
2016 - Group Exhibition, ARGA Gallery, A Coruña.
2015 - Group Exhibition, Santa Clara Convent, Figueres.
2012 - Group Exhibition, La Pedrera, Barcelona.

2022 - master class: capturing Light & expressing Purpose, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
2022 - Invited to participate in the BIAF - Barcelona International Art Fair, Barcelona.
2021 - school classes (volunteer): expressing feelings & wishes through art, Zanzibar, Tanzania.
2021 - Master class: shooting to convey meaning & define style, Giza pyramids, Egypt.
2017 - Invited to participate in AAN in ART organized by Artiaga Foundation.
2016 - Invited to participate in the 5th BIAF - Barcelona International Art Fair, Barcelona.
2016 - Invited to participate in the 9th Ruta de l´Art, Figueres.
2016 - Participation in the art fair VIII Feria de Artes Plásticas, A Coruña.
2016 - Invited to participate in VIII Artists Encounter at Mariñan Palace, Mariñan.
2015 - Invited to participate in 8th Ruta de l´Art, Figueres.   |   skype: lunalliro   |   Photography & Consulting Services Information Phone Call

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