Artwork & delivery expensas, 100% sales for the cause. / Event Photography & expenses 100% covered.

Independent projects
Financed in full by Luna Lliro Photography
"Civilisations came & go…Only Art & Wars remain."

THE DISPLACED 2014-Present, around the world Documentary series.
Human stories about colonial tourism and industrialisation in: Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Tanzania, Palestine, Kurdistan, Sinai, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia.
most of This body of work is not available online.  for more Images about remote lands & political conflicts visit
Portrait of specific cases of different peoples with the same problem,  so that it is known in the regional media (NOT IN THE MASS-MEDIA), so that the tribes unite and rise together. *The locals invite me there to receive me as a family, so that I can experience the case.
- High Tech, Low Life: developed cities and territories: When working full time is not enough to gett out of misery. / Gentrification & Local business absorved by multinationals.
- From far, far away: natural landscapes and lifestyles in danger: As for example, the diversion of water from local crops and rural areas to capitol factories, or the pipeline that poisons the water off entire communities across continents.
Art classes in India & Africa:
1 week to 1 month plastic arts projects, that will be exhibited in their school.
- I SUPPLY THE ART MATERIALS (this is very low cost).
- I require your teacher to be present: I do not offer myself as a teacher, doctor or pilot because I do not have such titles. My job is to help develop the talent of those who have an interest in it, not to exercise authority with children whose situation I know nothing about. Pretty Please avoid visiting orphanages in countries like Cambodia, which are literally Children zoos.

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